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Donghuan (Jingshan) Body System Co., Ltd.

  Donghuan (Jingshan) Body System Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company jointly established by Wuhan Donghuan Body System Co., Ltd. and Hubei Changliyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which mainly engaged in the manufacture and manufacture of automobile stamping parts and molds. Maintenance of specialized enterprises. The company was established in March 2014, is located in Jingmen City, Hubei Province Jingshan County Jingshan Economic Development Zone, the existing staff of more than 40 people, covers an area of 3600 square meters. The company's products mainly for the stamping parts, including the hand brake arm, cover, hanging plate, base, glass lifter rails, stents, a total of more than 70 species, the annual output value of more than 10 million yuan.

  Since its inception, has been committed to the automotive stamping parts of the mold design and stamping parts production. Has become a Shenlong Automobile, Great Wall Motor, Dongfeng passenger cars, Dongfeng Nissan and other automotive stamping parts suppliers. The company has more than 110 tons of stamping equipment more than 20 Taiwan, with the number of stroke 60,000 times, the delivery capacity of 20,000 products, stable production capacity.

  Company mold workshop technical team with independent design, development, repair a single die and continuous mode of the ability to support the equipment in the automatic control of processing centers, grinding machines, milling machines, drilling, cutting machine more than 10 Taiwan professional equipment. Companies to high-quality and efficient as the goal, and constantly develop new products, expand new markets, strengthen cost management and quality management, bigger and stronger enterprises to lay a solid foundation!

  Address: Jingmen City, Hubei Province Jingshan County Jingshan Economic Development Zone Shen Road

  contact number:0724-7366185

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